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Our Special Suggestions

(w. White Rice)
spicy G1. Crispy Orange Flavor Beef 15.95
spicy G2. Chicken w. Orange Flavor
Crispy sauteed chunks of chicken in a spicy sauce, accented w. dried orange skin steamed. Garnished w. broccoli.
spicy G3. General Tso’s Chicken
Chunks chicken lightly fried w. hot bean sauce. This plate was dewiest by a private chef of General Tso's who was a famous genera in Szechuan army.
spicy G6. Golden Sesame Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp lightly batter fried & coated w. Chef’s sauce. Sprinkle w. broccoli & roast sesame seed on the top
spicy G8. Sesame Chicken 14.95
spicy G9. Sesame Beef
Chunks of tender steak or chunks of chicken, lightly batter fried & coated w. chef’s sauce. Sprinkled w. broccoli & roast sesame seed on the top.
G10. Jumbo Shrimp w. Honey Walnuts
Jumbo shrimp lightly fried w. house honey sauce. Surrounded by broccoli, walnuts on the top.
spicy G11. Sesame Bean Curd 11.95
G12. Hawaiian Five “O”
Chunks of scallop, lobster meat, roast pork, chicken & jumbo shrimps can fried together then sauteed w. Chinese vegs. mushrooms w. brown sauce.
G14. Four Seasons
Fresh shrimp, lobster meat, roast pork, chicken w. mushrooms, bamboo shoots, baby corn, pea pods & Chinese vegs.
spicy G15. Shrimp, Beef, Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce
Jumbo shrimp, beef, chicken breast cook w. lily flower, red & green pepper in hot garlic sauce.
G16. Seafood Special
Fresh shrimp, lobster meat, scallops w mushrooms, bamboo shoots, pea pods, baby corn w. Chinese vegs.
G17. Beef & Scallops
Sliced prime filet of beef & round scallop”sauteed w. pea pods, baby corn, carrots, mushroom in brown sauce. A real treat.
G18. Happy Family
An exotic combination of fresh lobster, shrimp, chicken, pork, beef & Chinese mushrooms, pea pods, vegs.
spicy G19. Dragon & Phoenix
Sesame chicken & hot & spicy shrimp
spicy G20. Triple Delight 16.95
spicy G21. Shrimp & Scallop, Szechuan Style 17.95
spicy G22. Shrimp & Chicken, Hunan Style
Jumbo shrimp & chicken sauteed w. baby corn, straw mushroom, red pepper & garden vegs. in Hunan style
spicy G24. Hunan Chicken 13.95
spicy G25. Hunan Shrimp 15.95
spicy G26. Hunan Beef 15.95
G27. Pineapple Chicken 14.95
spicy G28. Szechuan Chicken 13.95
spicy G29. Szechuan Shrimp or Beef 15.95